Jeweled Browbands

Today, I'm a Unicorn!

Quality jeweled browbands designed to bring out your horse’s inner unicorn.  Contact us for special orders or a surprise custom browband designed just for YOUR horse!

Unicorn Your Horse!

Custom Jeweled Browbands

Today, I'm a Unicorn!

Quality jeweled browbands that reflect your horse’s inner Unicorn.

Quality Custom Browbands to fit every style!

Swarovski Crystals



It's A Rainbow of Colors

purple crystals post 300x200


blue crystals post 400 x 300


Pink Flamingos


Love, Quality & Commitment


Padding to add Comfort and Depth and match the quality of your bridle.

Large Sizes

Many crystal browbands are only 6mm. We use 8mm and 10mm channels - jewels that you can see!

Quality Jewels

All jewels are sourced from reputable wholesalers. All components are silver.

Hand Sewn

Each bead is sewn in -no styles involve glue!


The 2" drop on the 'V' or 'U' provides superior comfort to your horse. 1-1.5" loops fit the majority of standard bridles (but not doubles).

Jeweled Browbands

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How to Measure

Measure your favorite browband loop to loop! 
Otherwise, measure from ear to ear where the browband would sit and pick the size which is a little larger than that. (Remember – your tack won’t sit as close to your horse’s face as your tape measure.)

how to fit a bridle browband

Browbands should not rub or press on sensitive protruding skull bones or on muscles. Ears should be able to move easily and not have pressure on muscles.  You don’t want your browband to pull the bridle forward.

Measure the entire length of your browband, including the loops!  
Measure straight across.

how to measure a browband

Make sure your bridle fits right!
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How to Clean

Water is the enemy of jewelry!  Be careful when cleaning your bridle and browband that you don’t get it so wet that your jewels sit next to water.  
We recommend wiping the back of your browband carefully without soaking it. 

Use a soft toothbrush to clean the jeweled area and use a soft silver cloth if any of your silver trimmings become tarnished.

Purchase our cleaning kit!


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