Crystal Sea Urchin, Custom Design




This is the most fun and whimsical of the three.  I’ve tried to give you a lower cost option by integrating an oval glass bead and/or some silver spacers.

The Sea Urchin bead that is in the front and on both sides is a clear crystal.  It doesn’t have the depth that the blue Sea Urchin jewel has, but it is very pretty!  Because the colors are more interspersed with this browband it adds a little bit of whimsy, it’s not quite as “formal” as the others.  The blues, greens and blue/green jewel are a little more randomly ordered but the appearance still comes out as fluid and even.

Personally, I don’t like the silver mixed in, only because I think it loses some of the harmony of the sea glass feel – I actually really like the silver intertwined with the jewels normally – but if you like the silver, I would be happy to play around with some different spacers and options for you.  The bluish glass bead changes color with the light.  Sometimes it’s a little bit transparent, other times, it reflects the blue stones on either side.  When paired with the white opals it took on a tone that was a tad bit too dark, so I don’t recommend that.





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