Purple Rain


This calm, soothing, and gorgeous crystal browband is a captivating blend of purple and pink.  Mostly purple, occasionally you’ll get a glimpse of a pink shade but then return to the purple undertones.  The light purple crystals in front make it a subtle and sophisticated look, but the darker purple on each side add that burst of color that turn this browband into a tiara for your unicorn.

It’s like standing in a field with purple rain coming down on you, and you and your Unicorn are laughing, laughing, laughing, loving being together.

V-Shaped padded browband.

16.5″ Horse. 8 mm channel.


Dark Amethyst, Smoky Mauve, Padparadscha, and Light Violet Swarovski crystals.

Hand sewn.

Quality jewels.

Quality leather.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

V-Shaped padded browband.

16.5″ Horse. 8 mm channel.


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